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~ "Swing & Spice" ~
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18th-Nov-2012 03:44 am - [sticky post] Comm related announcement
This post is a sticky.
Scroll below to see, if there might be new entries.


I think most of you (who still check here) recognized that LJ gets abandoned more and more.
All those DDoS attacks of last year made a lot of people leave to other social sites. And with the recent plans/changes even more people will leave.
With all this I don't see a reason for all the technical updates over here. To be honest, I don't know, if there's anyone still checking the comm.
That's why I decided to stop promotion at LJ.
The comm will remain, I won't delete it.
And it's still possible to post entries, I'll keep maintaining them. Same goes for adding new comm members, if there's still interest. I hope I won't miss notifications, if it takes me more than two or three days feel free to send me a reminding message.

Stopping at LJ, the place I started promotion more than four years ago, doesn't mean, I completely stop promoting.

I put all the bands I promote together in a project named 黒い霊魂の応援集結所 (short: Kuroi Reikon or KR). There are other places as well where I spread stuff and I decided to focus on my official blog at Ameba and my homepage. Information will be posted there. News mainly at Ameba. I have a few sections in the homepage that I regularly update and I will go on with this as I did in the past.

Feel free to follow me at one (or more) of the following sites:
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 homepage
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 official blog
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 Facebook page
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 Twitter


I'm sorry, if you find this message more than once on your FL, I've crossposted this to all the comms I own.
6th-Mar-2012 08:03 pm - Introduction: JIVE
I know this seems to be kinda late.
However, I actually started this type of introduction for another one of my comms (kuroi_reikon), where I keep several mostly quite unknown bands together.
And decided to put these up for all my other comms as well.

band name: JIVE
OHP: http://14hp.jp/?id=jiveswing
members / history / recent:
キリオ (kirio) / フィギュア (礼, rei) → ジャッカル (礼, rei) → THE 三軒隣人 (礼, rei) / 次世代エキサイト (キリオ, kirio), ギースパープル (キリオ, kirio)
★gt.: 春 (haru) / HELEN (春, haru) → ギフト (春, haru) / equator fish (晴隆, haru)
★gt.: 遥 (you) / フィギュア (遥, you) → ジャッカル (遥, you) → gossip [support] (遥, you) → ANUBIS (HARUNA) / 次世代エキサイト [support] (遥, you)
★ba.: ごう (gou) / Gift (咲, saki) → Joker (ごう, gou) → 桜 → テロル倶楽部 (ごう, gou) → ラッド (ごう, gou) / PUBLIC ON WORD (ごう, gou, ba.->vo.)->ハビット (ごう, gou, vo.)
★support.dr.: トシユキ (toshiyuki) / カシス~Casiss~ (朧, oboro) → ラッド (朧, oboro) / PUBLIC ON WORD (敏幸, toshiyuki)
★ex.dr.: 憐 (ren) / Dolice (紗月, satsuki, vo.) → Aliza Marie (さつき, satsuki, dr.)
state: disbanded
started: 2007.10.xx
disbanded/paused: 2009.03.13
2008.01.27 → live sold → new under word.
2008.05.14 → single → Swing&Spice
2008.09.24 → single → CALL ME
information: /
additional stuff: /
28th-Jan-2012 10:27 pm - Rule change
From now on I changed one rule:

☆Posts should be made public!

In the past I followed what quite some communities go along by, posts being friends locked, so that only community members can see them. But actually the community shall promote this band, so the more people can see the entries, the better it is.

Feel free to share your opinion on this in a comment, I'd like to know about it.

12th-Mar-2011 02:21 pm - Earthquake
Just got confirmed, that Kirio is also fine, the drummer of his new band left a note on his Twitter.

12th-Mar-2011 02:00 am - Earthquake
I guess most of you heard about the earthquake and Tsunami hitting Japan on 03.11.
Since a lot of Jrockers update their blogs/Twitter/whatever with messages about being fine I'll post this through every community that I maintain.
I'm sorry for some people might get spammed by this.
But there probably are people who can't read Japanese and are worried.

Regarding JIVE Haru, You and Gou updated their blogs and seem to be fine. Kirio didn't update in a long time, I hope he'll do. For Ren, since he deleted his blog long time ago, I think we'll most likely won't get any information on his situation but if anyone gets to know please share this with us.

12th-Dec-2008 01:46 am - Translated announcement from JIVE
Yesterday my friend kurukii had some spare time and translated the official announcement from the OHP [and member blogs as well].

Since it has been a month ago I think it's for the most of us still interesting what they said, what the reason was.

To be honest, I'm still not over this loss of my fave member and regarding the reason it wont be better that soon.

This is a notice about member(s) leaving JIVE.

This is announced all of a sudden, however, we confirm that drummer Ren will leave JIVE because of (several)

personal matters.

Regarding the details of him leaving, ever since the live on August 25th the members had many

meetings/conferences about and with Ren. In the end we did a bitter decission, resulting in him leaving the

band. At the time we give out this announcement, we think you might understand it, that as the band, we can

not make decisions about everything (that we can not make things happening in another way). This is a reason

as well. Please also check JIVE's official site and Ren's comment.

As for JIVE after the line-up change, we think we want to follow our schedule. From the next live on

(November 12th (wed) at Shibuya BOXX) we will introduce you to a support drummer.

For updating this important information to the blog, we want to tell all the people connected to JIVE in any

way, and most specially, the fans, our deepest apologies. From now on JIVE will be only four persons, but from

now on as well, we still will show you the same JIVE (as much as we can), and also (at the same moment) start

a new JIVE, so please keep supporting us.


Thanks again to kurukii <3
11th-Nov-2008 05:54 am - Sad news
The previous entry by pinkkiller24 already states it, but for those who don't understand, 憐 (Ren) left the band on November 10th according to problems and 憐 (Ren) having this in mind since their live on August 25th followed by several discussions.
They'll welcome a support drummer from their live on November 12th on and going on as a four member band.
It's also said that there shall follow a comment by 憐 (Ren) on the OHP.

Just a few more wordsCollapse )
18th-Oct-2008 04:21 am - Petition for overseas lives
There's a petition on MySpace's JSHOXX counting signatures.
It is said that if there are enough signatures JIVE will come there.
So please go on there and vote, I especially appeal on the European fans cause there already are few votes from the US. So if there are enough signatures from both, Europe and the US, I hope they will go to both places.

Go here for the petition.
8th-Oct-2008 06:25 pm - just a few icons
ryou - goodbye to goodbyes
[35]an cafe
[4]JIVE - haru's blog
[12]nana kitade

this way~
6th-Oct-2008 09:55 pm - Introduction
Girl on the Moon

Name: Bianca or Lichti or Hikari
How did you find out about JIVE?: As I was at the home of  

tayru   there was "Soul Still" running in the background and from the very first moment I've adored this song and lately I was listenting to their other stuff and well...felt in love.
Your thoughts about band: They have chances to become something big and I hope it really.
Your favorite song(s): so far "Soul Still"
Your favorite member(s): Haru and Ren
Other favorite bands: Oh, there are so many to count...
Suggestions for the community, if you have:
atm none, but give me some time yeah?


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