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~ "Swing & Spice" ~

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J-rock band J I V E // ジャイブ ~ fan community ~
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»∴ Band

INFO band:
JIVE members:
vo. キリオ (Kirio)
gt. 春 (Haru)
gt. 遥 (You)
ba. ごう (Gou)

ex.dr. 憐 (Ren) (left 2008.11.12)

• JIVE officially started activity since 2008.01.27 at 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba area).
• They had a monthly radio show on their OHP called ZEB Radio.
• JIVE disbanded on 2009.03.13 after their live at 池袋CYBER (Ikeburo CYBER).

2nd Maxi-Single

Release: 2008.09.24
1. 真実の花 (Shinjitsu no hana)
2. end
3. Shake

1st Maxi-Single
『Swing & Spice』

Release: 2008.05.14
1. Soul Still
2. 双葉奏曲 (Futaba soukyoku)
3. 覚醒アラモード (Kakusei à la mode)

live distributed Single
『new under word.』

Release: 2008.01.27 (高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA))
1. new under word.
»∴ Rules

1. If you want you can freely make your introduction post, tell a few words about yourself.

2. Keep all posts related to JIVE, the members and their music!
3. No posts containing negative or harmful rumours concerning JIVE!
4. Don't repost anything out of the community, who wants to get what has been posted needs to come here!
5. Don't promote other communities! Advertise only, if it's related to JIVE! If you wanna affiliate with jive_flower just contact me via 黒い霊魂の応援集結所!
6. Please keep longer entries, entries containing big graphics and entries containing more than one graphic behind an lj-cut! Icon posts can be made by a teaser of three icons in one line!
7. Please don't hotlink any pics or graphics!
8. Be nice to each other! No flaming!
9. It's not allowed to post and/or request any media that actually must be paid for to get it!
10. No Amembers only stuff from their blogs allowed!
11. No linking to friends only journals/communities or to sites that require registration!
12. Even though they disbanded, please support the band as much as you can!
13. Post should be made public!
»∴ Links, credits, etc.
web radio [JIVEのゼブラジオ]

Syndicated JIVE blogs

Direct blog links
春: 春うらら~本日もお春日和~


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If you wanna affiliate with jive_flower just contact me via 黒い霊魂の応援集結所!
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Graphic works for the journal header picture made by 黒。.
If you wanna use any graphics (except for the banners) ask for permission FIRST!

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Social capital

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